Byte CII European Championships

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Byte CII European Championship 2014

The Organizing Authority (OA) is Circolo Nautico Loano in conjunction with the F.I.V. (Italian Sailing Federation) and the Byte Class International Association (BCIA) with support of Comune di Loano, Marina di Loano,Yacht Club Marina di Loano will be holding the European championships in late May.

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For further information please contact:
Circolo Nautico Loano
Tel 003919668836
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Download the charter boat information: Charter Byte CII EC 2014

Byte CII Worlds

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It’s official – Jonatan Vadnai of Hungary is world champion of the single Byte CII class, the boat selected for sailing in the Youth Olympics at Nanjing, China from the 16th-28th August. In the women’s category it was a Dutch one-two with Odile Van Aaholt first and Mirthe Akkerman taking second place.

Thirteen races were programmed and thirteen races were delivered at Fraglia Vela Riva on Lake Garda Trentino for the World Byte CII Championships, the class which will be represented along with the windsurf Techno 293 at the second edition of the Youth Olympics. Young sailors age15-16 years from 24 different countries including African nations were involved in five days of intense competition, with Olympic qualification at stake. It was a World Championship of particular importance given that 6 European places in the men’s and women’s categories and two for the continent of Africa were to be assigned.
The regattas were very regular with good fluctuating winds of 12-16 knots. The two concluding regattas on Sunday morning were held with a northerly wind which was much different from the other eleven races which had taken place under the usual Lake Garda conditions of a southerly wind in the early afternoon.

Men’s Category
No change in the the top three positions from yesterday as Vadnai of Hungary was declared world champion with a remarkable 25 point lead, in spite of not competing in the last two races. Silver medal went to Houtman of The Netherlands (1-5 final partials) and bronze was claimed by Nordquist of Sweden (6-1 in the final two regattas). There was much satisfaction for the organising club not only for the success of the event but also for the result of its own athlete. Vittorio Galliano had started the event a little unsettled but in the last couple of days showed determination in gaining his country’s qualification and also in coming as close as he could to the podium as first of the Italians. Vittorio was very consistent finishing the championship with two fourths, overtaking Zivanovic of Croatia to take fourth place overall and third nation out of six to qualify. Greece, Portugal and France also qualified thanks to Kouklakis Papadopolous, Rodolfo Pires and Richard Romen along with The Netherlands, Sweden and Italy. Hungary and Croatia had qualified earlier.

Women’s Category
In the women’s, the positions at the bottom of the podium changed. Carolina Albano (CV Muggia) could do nothing to hold off the defending champion Maria Erdi (HUN 9). However to compensate this disappointment, Italy was the first nation to qualify (with Hungary and The Netherlands having already qualified). Great Britain, Portugal, Norway and France have also qualified for the Youth Olympics as well as South Africa and Egypt for Africa. Algeria had to withdraw after an injury on the first day.

Many thanks to to all those in the Regatta Committee and Jury together with the staff of Fraglia Vela Riva who were able to present to the competitors and coaches a World Byte Championship that was exciting and fun down to the last race with good weather conditions all five days of the event.

Byte CII WorldsDay 4

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Riva del Garda, Trentino: Excitement at Riva del Garda on the last day of the World Byte Championships, valid as qualifier for 6 European nations and 2 African for the Youth Olympics in China next August.
The penultimate day of the World Byte Championships, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva in collaboration with the international Byte class and Nautivela, was the windiest yet with gusts reaching to at least 16 knots before it dropped due to some afternoon thunderstorms. Two races were completed out of the three scheduled for today bringing the total to 11 out of the 13 scheduled. Considering the fatigue of the fleet it wasn’t such a bad thing to stop at only two races today, leaving the final battle for an Olympic place till tomorrow morning with the north wind. Races start at 9.00 am.
If the winners of the events in the both the men’s and women’s categories seem to be a forgone conclusion, then the other places on the podium and country qualifiers are all still to play for.
The last two races on Sunday will tactically be very delicate since this will be the first time the competitors will have to race with the north wind, notoriously very gusty, unsettled and very difficult to predict. The scores separating the countries competing for Olympic qualification are extremely tight and it will be a great test of concentration and character for these young boys and girls who are not only competing for themselves but also for their country.
Men’s category – Hungary and Croatia already qualified- another 6 European places, 36 athletes from 24 countries.
Jonatan Vadnai is technically world champion having achieved 8 firsts, two thirds and a fourth, giving him a remarkable 24 point lead over Scipio Houtman of The Netherlands. Seven points behind him was Arvd Nordquist of Sweden (2-3 today). Croat Pavle Zivanovic was fourth just one point ahead of Vittorio Gallinaro of organising club, Fraglia Vela Riva. In the most crucial part he held fast placing two fifths, enough to push him 7 points ahead of his nearest adversary Papadopoulos of Greece who won the last race of the day. Under performing today was the other Italian Umberto Varbaro who had a 15 and a 10 for seventh place overall. Great form from the African nations (their first appearance), with only 4 points separating Algeria, South Africa and Egypt for Olympic qualification.
Men’s rankings after 11 races:
Women’s Category- The Netherlands and Hungary have already qualified- another 6 European places-27 athletes from 18 countries.
Since the first day of competition the event has been dominated by Van Aanholt of The Netherlands always pulling further away from her adversaries. Reclaiming second position is her compatriot Akkerman 12 points behind while Italian Carolina Albano is third 4 points behind and one point ahead of reigning world champion Erdi Maria. The Hungarian had suffered an OCS (false start) at the beginning of the championships and at least one penalty for irregularity in navigation in a race where she was among the leaders. However she once again found her form with a series of races where she finished near the top. She could easily jeopardize the Italian’s chances for a place on the podium. The qualification for the African nations has been left to South Africa and Egypt since the Algerian athlete Ismahene suffered an injury on the water and had to withdraw from the competition.
Women’s Rankings after 11 races:
Photo gallery:

Byte CII Worlds Day 3

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World Byte Championships-Day 3

Comfortable leads for both Vadnai of Hungary and Van Aanholt of The Netherlands. Carolina Albano of Italy climbs into second place while Italian Varbaro is fifth. Qualification for Italy looks to be within reach.

Riva del Garda, Trentino. Today was a carbon copy of yesterday as far as weather was concerned with sunshine and the classic southerly wind blowing at 12-14 knots, dropping to 10 knots in the last race thus providing the conditions to complete another 4 races. This brings to a total of 9 regattas out of 13 so far with the conclusion on Sunday, 27th April. The regatta committee at the organising club of Fraglia Vela Riva, tried to bring forward the programme as they saw the weather worsening in an effort to give all the competing nations vying for a place in the Youth Olympics to race the maximum number of races with regular wind conditions. The effort of the Jury, Committee, water and land staff is certainly to be applauded as they started the day as scheduled at 13.00 and finished around 17.00 with four well-fought out races. The top of the rankings in both men’s and women’s categories show no change. The leaders remain the same but by an ever widening margin. Vadnai of Hungary proceeds practically unchallenged as he looks set to win his second consecutive world title. He has an incredible 25 point lead. In second place is Houtman of The Netherlands with Nordquist of Sweden third. Varbaro (LNI Follonica), is fifth overall while the sailor from Fraglia Vela Riva ,who had climbed in the rankings, dropped back to seventh position after coming twelfth in the last race.

It looks pretty good for Italy in both the men’s and women’s categories for qualification for the Youth Olympics as the men are lying third, excluding Hungary and Croatia who have already qualified and first in the women’s excluding The Netherlands.

In the African nations, competing for a place at the Youth Olympics, the race is tight with Algeria dropping back behind South Africa and Egypt in both categories ( only 2 places are available).

In the women’s category Van Aanholt of The Netherlands holds a commanding lead with a 15 point advantage over Italian Carolina Albano (CV Muggia), who in Friday’s third race climbed into second position which was confirmed in the ninth race with 2-5-1-7 partials. Tying on points is Akkerman of The Netherlands a country which has already qualified for the Youth Olympics.