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Hartley Boats takes on the Byte and ByteCII

Hartley Boats takes on the Byte and ByteCII

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Hartley Boats are delighted to welcome the Byte and Byte CII to their already extensive range of dinghies. Designed specifically to meet the needs of sailors of mid-weight, the Byte fits well in the Hartley Boats range, nicely bridging the gap between the entry level Hartley 12 and the high performance Supernova single-hander more suited to the heavier sailors.

The Byte & Byte CII are performance single handed dinghies specifically designed to meet the growing demand from sailors in the mid-weight range. The Byte CII is an ISAF Internationally Recognized Class with a full schedule of youth and senior championship events throughout the world. Serving as the boat of choice for a number of prestigious events such as; the Youth World Championships, the US Women’s single handed championship and the Youth Olympics, the Byte is ideal for sailors of any age in the mid-weight range.  The Byte CII is also proving very popular for youth progressing from the Optimist class because of it’s vibrant race circuit and it’s clear pathway to Olympic progression.

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The Byte was designed by Ian Bruce, the renowned yacht designer, to provide a performance single-hander suited, not for age or gender but, specifically to meet the needs of sailors in the 45-75kg weight range. Bruce, a two time Olympic sailor and designer of some ten ISAF international classes, clearly draws on his wealth of experience gained from over 40 years work on dinghies such as: the Laser, Finn, International Fourteen, Tasar, 470, Fireball, Optimist, Contender, Laser II and 29er.

Bruce designed the Byte CII with a 6.8m2 Mylar laminate sail, a generous roach and no less than 6 full length Battens.  The 2 part mast is constructed in carbon fiber for stiffness in the lower and glass fiber in the upper section for greater flexibility. This clever hybrid combination results in a rig that automatically de-powers, when the driving force in the upper part of the sail overcomes the helms weight, further sail trim and Cunningham adjustment then provide lively acceleration and steady control.

Hartley Boats launched this fantastic new acquisition at the RYA Dinghy show, where interest was high, with plenty of orders coming in for this exciting range.  Bytes will be built and supplied, to the UK & Irish market, from the Hartley Boats manufacturing plant in Derbyshire alongside the rest of their extensive range. Hartley Boats are keen to support the development of the BYTE class, nationally and internationally, in conjunction with fellow builders Nautivela in Europe and Performance Sail Craft Australia.  In support of training centers, and of those heading to the Byte World Championships in Lake Garda and the Youth Olympics in China, Hartley Boats have put in place a number of incentives schemes to help and support upcoming youth and elite sailors, we look forward to a busy season of Byte lively training and competition at home and abroad.

For further information about the Byte, Byte CII or Hartley Boats training support schemes see:

www.hartleyboats.com e-mail  sales@hartleyboats.com