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The Byte has an extensive network of builders across the globe covering all continents, readily supplying boats and parts as well as running and supporting local, national and international events.

Australia and New Zealand

Performance Sailcraft Australia
Address: 2 Catamaran Road, Fountaindale, NSW 2258, Australia
Tel: (612) 4389 1088
Fax: (612)4389 1085
Email: info@psasailing.com.au
Web:Ā www.psasailing.com.au


Zou Inter Marine Co.,ltd
Address: Bei long kou, Sha zi kou, Lao shan Dist, Qingdao, 266102, China
Telephone: +86 532-8882 8290
Fax: +86 532-8882 8291
Email: penny.ma@zouintermarine.com
Web: www.zouintermarine.com

Continental Europe

Address: Piazza Misurina 1, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese, Milano Italy
Tel: +39029880212
Fax: +390298287959
Email: info@nautivela.com
Web: www.nautivela.com


Xtreme Sailing
Address: National Sailing Centre, 1500 East Coast Parkway, Singapore
Telephone: + 65 6441 4701
Fax: 65 6441 4731
Email: tim@xtremesailing.com
Web: www.xtremesailing.com

South America

Address: Intrade Comercio e RepresentaƧoes Ltda Rua Sao Fortunato 102 Sao Paulo, 04783-050, Brazil
Tel: 551123673255
Fax: 551123673255
Email: Intrade@armadaboats.com.br
Web: www.armadaboats.com.br

USA and Canada

Zim Sailing
Address: 373 Market Street, Unit 3, Warren, Rhode Island 02885, USA
Tel: +1 4012376117
Fax: +1 4012361361
Email: info@zimsailing.com
Web: www.zimsailing.com

UK and Ireland

Address: Hartley Boats Limited, Parcel Terrace, Derby DE1 1LY, UK
Tel: 01332 369751
Fax: 01332 290328
Email: sales@hartleyboats.com
Web: www.hartleyboats.com